Hello! I’m so glad you’re here. 

A bit about me:

No matter where I am in the world,  I see health at the root of everything.  That’s why I’m committed to sharing my experiences and supporting women to deeply explore their health.  
Guiding women through this exploration provides a space for them to heal often overlooked aspects of their health so they can thrive as women in this world.
How did I get here? Over the past decade, I’ve moved from the cozy Pacific Northwest of America, to the glitz of Las Vegas, the allure of Hollywood, to the chaos and wonder of Southeast Asia.  I’ve been a competitive athlete, a corporate marketing professional, a model, a world traveler, a teacher, and have discovered my life’s work in supporting women’s health.
Here in 2019, as a Certified Health Coach, I find myself exploring a life I never thought I could be living.  I meet and work closely with women from all over the world, with diverse experiences, interests, and beliefs.  They challenge me and inspire me to learn more and more about what it means to thrive as a woman.
Explore my blogInstagram feed, and world travels page for an #unretouched look at how I’m thriving (I don’t believe in retouching photos).
Find out how I can support you in exploring what can be healed so you can thrive: work with me.
Yours truly,